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The Heart of Learning and Teaching

The Heart of Learning and Teaching: Compassion, Resiliency, and Academic Success  book study provides an opportunity to learn not only about trauma-informed principles, but more importantly to apply that knowledge in classroom and school settings.

Access a PDF version of the book here:

Testimonials from past participants:


“This had the best description of trauma I’ve ever seen.”

“This book helped me understand that self-care is vital for everyone.”

“I loved the six principles. I had it as my phone background for months after reading it!”

Project EVERS is currently offering a book study over The Heart of Learning and Teaching by Ray Wolpow, Mona Johnson, Ron Hertel, and Susan Kincaid.

This book study will begin the week of April 3rd and meet for six consecutive weeks.

REGISTER HERE for the upcoming study!


  • Each meeting will last one hour.

  • The study may be taken for one-half (1/2) masters credit. 

  • In-person meetings/district-specific studies may be offered based upon demand (minimum of four participants.)

  • In-person meetings may offer alternative timelines.

  • All other sessions will be held via Zoom.

  • Before-school meetings may be held in person only. 

To learn more about the book’s message, meet one of the book's authors, Dr. Mona Johnson in this short interview with Dr. Johnson by Lora Thomas, Project EVERS Director.

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